Large Team Lots for Sale-Name Your Price

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Feb 10, 2006
Baltimore, Maryland
I am looking to move some volume and thought of no better way than by offering team lots. I am looking to move team lots of every card I have of a certain team. Whatever makes you happy.

The lots will have a large mix of base, inserts, parallels, HOFer, Stars, Game Used and Autos (when available), with very little duplication. You WILL NOT receive 800 1990 Topps cards in this lot. Good Mix from 90's through 2012 with some 80's stars mixed in.

These lots are name your price. I will sort, package and ship out your team and you let me know the final price. This saves me a lot of time in individual pricing and individual sales. I have had great success with similar sales in the past. Your time is much appreciated.

- Los Angeles Angels of Aneheim/Anaheim Angels/Calafornia Angels
- Oakland Athletics
- Seattle Mariners
- Texas Rangers
- Houston Astros***SOLD***

- Cleveland Indians
- Detroit Tigers
- Minnesota Twins ***PENDING***
- Kansas City Royals
- Chicago White Sox

- Toronto Blue Jays
- Baltimore Orioles
- Tampa Bay Rays
- Boston Red Sox
- New York Yankees

- Atlanta Braves
- Miami Marlins
- Washington Nationals***SOLD***
- Montreal Expos
- New York Mets
- Philadelphia Phillies

- Milwaukee Brewers
- St. Louis Cardinals ***SOLD***
- Chicago Cubs
- Pittsburgh Pirates (Couple Hundred Available)
- Cincinnati Reds

- Arizona Diamondbacks
- Los Angeles Dodgers/Brooklyn Dodgers
- San Francisco Giants/NY Giants
- San Diego Padres
- Colorado Rockies
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How many Cardinals do you have for sale? Anything special? I'd probably be interested in the whole lot. What do you anticipate shipping to be on top of lot price? PM may be best.
I would send the lot and allow you to make the assessment on the lot, covering shipping of course. I have had no problems with this format in the past. The buyer assessment just seems easier than my assessing the value of 1000 or so cards. LMK if this works and I can send the particulars.
I'm limited in my funds and will lose 5 to 7 days of pay this year thanks to congress and it was frozen for the last two years. I can only afford about a $10.00 if its a 1000 cards....No thank you. Best regards, David