Last few weeks successes


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Here are the newest nobodys that I got in. lol.
As always just ask for addresses

Pete Cimino 2/2 c/o home
68 is PC and the 67 if FT

Ken Singleton 2/2 c/o home
1982 Topps AS x2
Both are FT

Rick Engles 1/2 c/o home
Sent 2 77 Topps player kept 1 (sorry Curt)

Al Hargesheimer 1/1 c/o home
Rowland does not sign so this one is done traveling

Steve Hawes 1/1 c/o home. Sorry again Curt I could not dig up 2 cards to send. This one is cool becuase it goes in my Sonics collection as well as my State of Washintion Sports HOF collection. The note is cool too, just for reference I live in Sedro-Woolley.