Last Week of Returns


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Here is what I got in the last week. Sorry I have not had time to scan daily like I used to.

In Person
Nelson Cruz 1/1 OMLB, 1/1 Cards
Ron Washington 1/1
Eddie Guardado 3/3
Dustin Nippert 1/1

Last Friday
Nelson Cruz 3/3
Kevin Millwood 2/3
Jarrod Saltalamachhia 4/4
Dustin Nippert 1/1
Doug Mathis 2/2
Jason Grilli 2/2
Derek Holland 2/2
David Murphy 2/4

Last Saturday (only there for 15 minutes)
Darren Oliver 1/1
Joaquin Benoit 1/1

Private Signing on SCN
Jerry Rice 90 Proset Card w/ Rice Hologram

John Cangelosi- Astros 8x10- ebay
Ned Garver- Tigerbulldog13- thanks man
Nate Bland- Astros- trade on scn