last weeks successes

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Mar 30, 2008
phil cavaretta 2/2 on index cards added 1945 mvp "cubs"
Billy Conigliaro on a 1974 topps card
Ed Kranepool on a 2005 upperdeck card
Stan musial sent back a unsigned postcard

thanks for looking
Nice successes, I was going to send out to Phil Cavaretta myself soon!

I think it's interesting to see Stan Musial returning postcards unsigned. I obtained his autograph 2-3 years ago. He sent me back a signed postcard. I'm not sure of his current signing habits but I guess his age is becoming more of a factor at 90 y.o... haha..
I will let you know If I hear back from Sandberg.
I wrote to Mr. Musial about 2 months ago, and he did sign my postcard. But I have heard of him sending unsigned ones to other people also