Late 80's Early 90's set fillers FT

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Hey Guys,
A few years back I bought a collection. I collect baseball cards, but there was quite a bit of football with this collection. I can definitely get you set fillers if need be and also a starter set. If any of you are interested or looking to fill some sets let me know. The following are just an example
of a few sets I have available:

1990 Score
1991 Score
1990 Topps
1991 Topps
1990 Fleer
1991 Fleer
1989 Pro Set
1991 Upper Deck Complete Set
1991 Upper Deck Football Heroes Joe Montana Complete set of 9
1991 Upper Deck Football Heroes Joe Namath 15
1992 Upper Deck Complete Set
1991 Pacific
1991 Pro Set Complete Set
1991 Pro Set World League