Late 80's/Early 90's Wax Boxes - ALL SPORTS

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Tim Carroll

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May 25, 2003
Conway, SC
As some of you know, I am teaching an all boys gender-grouped class (3rd grade). I am fortunate that ALL of them are very interested in sports, which is going to make it easy on me to create games/projects that enhance their learning. I plan to use the backs of baseball/football/basketball cards to teach several aspects in math and social studies. I would LOVE to pick up a few late 80's/early 90's wax boxes so that the boys can have a pack of cards as a positive behavior incentive each week. My question:

Does anyone know (other than eBay) where I can find some cheap boxes from this period? They aren't that expensive on ebay, but after shipping is factored in - I am looking at spending around $.50 per pack in most cases. In general, that is well worth some good behavior, but as much as I have already spent in my classroom - I'd love to get some boxes (36 packs) at around $10 per box. Is this wishful thinking, or does anyone have any ideas.

I will also be willing to trade for some if anyone has some to deal. (and I'll add some $$$ to help wih shipping costs).


I have 17 students, so I pretty much will run through a box in 2 weeks. Thus, I am looking to get them as cheap as possible.;)
Tim - I've got...

(1) 1988 Fleer Wax Box

(1) 1988 Fleer Sticker Cards Wax Box.

They both have 36 packs each. How about $6.00 + exact shipping for both boxes? I won't be listing them on eBay for a couple of weeks, so you can wait to see if you come across a better offer. No hurry.

Tim, I plan on going to a show next week, they usually have one or two guys with the $5-6/box stuff. If they have any, I'm sure we can work with that number
Go to a card show if possible, people would be so happy to unload old wax on you--just watch out for ones that want to pour wax on you:p
You can probably get several hundred packs into a flat rate priority box. If you have any cards shops near you, a lot seem to have that junk wax at discounted rates. I can check for you at the shop I know has this stuff in my area. I think the larger flat rate boxes are just under $15. Figure 3-5 boxes should fit, maybe more.