Latest Vladimir Guerrero pickups - Lots of scans


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I haven't been too active lately as life has been otherwise busy. I had sometime and been working on the collection along with doing some scanning. These are my latest pickups:

Prime patch is 01/08

The UD stripe is my 2nd one:

Some plates. The premier plate is the 3rd I have(I think)

Able to pick up #27(Vlads jersey #)

All 1/1's:

A couple of these are dups but I love the Vlad/Jones auto. I think I have 3 now. Also included a non-Vlad auto which he is listed.

1/1 autos:

Finally snagged the gold SP:

This is the buyback version from National Pastime:

Finally snagged the SPX silver version:

Just need the 1/1 for the true rainbow:

Another 1/1 and the 09 Ultimate along with a laundry tag:

I have another of the dual autos but ran low on magnet holders:

The Ticket to Stardom seems rarer than 89 copies:

Some 09 Triple Threads

Well on my way for a rainbow but the higher #'d ones seem to elude me and I keep getting outbid :(

David K.

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Wow! That's a lot of 1/1 for anyone collections! Would be tough for me to land one 1/1 of Joe Mauer or Frank Thomas. Best regards, David


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amazing.. I just found out about the 07 Ultimate Write of Passages.. Just traded for a Glen Perkins which has Kazmir in the background.. How dumb..

Amazing stuff