Lightning strikes twice! Awesome addition!


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Today's NEW Addition:

A steal of a lifetime!!!!

DUAL Jersey # card

1998 Upper Deck Extreme Brillance (#8/8)! Saw this a couple of weeks ago and hit the Buy It Now price in a split second...a no brainer buy! Glad I saw it when I did!

It goes good with this one which I got about 2 weeks before this one!

I have gone 4-5 years without a #8/8 card and then in a span of 2 weeks I get TWO! Amazing luck!

Thanks for looking and keep on jadeROCKing!


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Gotta like that!

Oddly, in the new Sterling product, I was able to get the 4 different Garvey #6/10 GU/AU cards nearly consecutively!


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Wow, You know I appreciate a score like that. I just scored a Bernie 51/ last night. My first in 2010. Good for you!