Little Help -- 2010 NFL Football Card Releases?

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Jun 13, 2008
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So, between work and the family and moving to a new city, I've been out of the loop for a few months now. Last I heard, Topps lost its NFL license for 2010 and beyond and Upper Deck was going to be the big player for 2010 football cards, much the same way UD lost its MLB license for 2010 and Topps was the big player for baseball cards this year.

Low and behold, I see my favorite web site pre-selling 2010 Topps Football with AP on the box, Minnesota Vikings logos prominently displayed. Also, no pre-order listing for 2010 UD football.

What gives? What did I miss? Does Topps have both the NFL and NFLPA license for 2010 and later? What about UD?

(Not that I'm complaining -- I've been a Topps guy my whole life and was really thinking about giving up football rather than having to put together a UD base set).

Anyone who can help explain what happened, I would greatly appreciate it.

To the best of my knowledge, Topps regained their license after a brief lack of one. Panini has the other license for football. UD is all but out of the card game. They only have the hockey license left.
Hockey is lucky I am willing to get they will have the best looking cards in the market. After 21 year of being in baseball they did change the market for the collector. Sad too see them leave baseball. but what have what they produced at least.