Live blaster box break tonight Monday 5/4!

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Jul 22, 2005
Join us TONIGHT at 10:00 EST for a LIVE box break! We received two blaster boxes from Tristar, "2010 The New Era.! One guaranteed autograph per blaster box! Join us live at 10:00 EST!

Ustream channel address

No trivia winner yet! For your choice of either the Mick Foley or 6 Pak auto.

What former WCW and WWF heavyweight champion recently appeared on a reality TV show?

He had the longest official undefeated winning streak and record in WCW, he finally lost when a stun gun/taser was used on him in the match.

Missed it. I thought it was on Monday, not Tuesday.

Ahh...thought I was going crazy. I bought a couple of these boxes on eBay for my son and we were all primed to watch the break of the Bench boxes on Monday, but could only find past videos-Didn't realize it was changed to Tuesday.

Ironically, my son is huge Goldberg fan and he knew the answer to your trivia question right away.

Hopefully, we'll catch it next time.