Long Awaited Pictures


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Ok. Great news. I have the pictures that I have promised.

Rangers Toys for Tots Drive

Steve Buechele

Chris Davis

Rusty Greer

Derek Holland and Tommy Hunter

David Murphy

Mark McLemore

Pete O'Brien and Rangers Captain

Brandon McCarthy

Ian Kinsler (already gave picture to girl as a present :D)

Eric Hurley

Clint Hurdle

Dave Barnett

Scott Feldman

Craig Gentry

Tom Grieve, Derek Holland, and Tommy Hunter

Clint Hurdle and Jackie Moore

Eric Nadel

Eleno Ornelas


Dave Nied

Mike Cameron

Paul Konerko

Jeff Cirillo

Pat Hentgen

Darrin Fletcher

Lance Johnson

Sam Cassell

Fernando Vina

Chris Hammond

Thanks for looking!


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I'm jealous of a few of those, I think it makes me put some of those guys closer to the top of my list. Good haul!


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Good stuff, ill get with ya about our deal tonight when we get back to the house! :)

Ok Andrew. I'll talk to you then. Everybody have a safe and Merry Christmas. I have no idea what's going on where y'all live but in Wichita Falls it snowed 17 inches today...in Texas. Not cool. Everyone take care and Merry Christmas! :D