LONG BEACH ARMADA....last of my 50/50's..COME ON IN

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Jul 31, 2005
long beach
thank you all (greatdadx2) that i did 50/50 for....think i did more than got but i had more fun getting for others....i have a bunch to send out kingsfan the womaks, greatdad the evens (didnt get nevin it was too hot) next year. i just want to thank all for the 50/50 i really enjoyed it and cant wait for next year (GBL season is over here in a couple days) so look me up next year and ill try again....anywho heres what i got i got to see what greatdadx2 wants/needs for the evens and the others will be giving away....LEAVE YOUR NAME IF INTRESTED IN EVENS AND ILL DRAW A NAME. the red sox guy i have to get out to mrmorph i think...have the addy just havent gotten around to packing it up. so i hope we do this again next year and i hope some others i can get. we will see.... anywho heres the pics.
evens 4/4

josh womack (custom 8x10 from wreckingballsc) turned out great. got 2 auto one for me one for a old guy i see there all the time and printed up 2 copies for him. he really liked them AGAIN! lol.)
I'm definately intrested in one of the Evans if you have an extra after you figure it all out, I'll even trade you a cert of his in a Giants uniform for one of those, nice haul