Long time collector New to trading

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May 13, 2010
Thanks for all your input, on getting started and to any one who has helped me to complete my first 2 sets. I am working on my web site to make it easier for all to search for cards, and look forward to trading with every one here for a long time to come.
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Welcome to the Bench. Most trades go on book value, but everyone is different. I have a website at webs.com. I list my wants and haves. That way it is easier for people to initiate trades. Good luck!
You cannot sell until you have completed 20 trades with 20 different members. A moderator will then review your trades and if your ratings are all 5's . You will be allowed to have an avatar and you will be allowed to sell. You also should check out near the top in the blue section....FAQ's as it will help you with all of the Bench's rules and requirements. If you need help or a problem comes up, you can always pm one of our great moderators. Welcome to The Bench! Best regards, David
Welocme and good luck!! Please PM me if you have any questions and I wouls be more than happy to help.

Welcome to 'The Bench'.
The members on this site are very knowledgeable and informed. They are always willing to help or answer questions.
I find freewebs the easiest place to list cards.
I have alot of late 80's stuff and some 2010 Topps & Heritage once you get a list going, I am sure I can help.

Thanks, Rich
Welcome to the Bench! Happy trading!
The FAQ section at the top of the page should help with many of your questions.