Long Wait For Success #100


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Hey guys,
Today I hit my 1st Milestone in TTMing! I was at 98 Successes on Saturday when I got Lee MacPhail back. Today I got Successes 99 and 100. :D

Success #99: Bobby Shantz 2/2 c/o Home in 10 days (15/20 for my Legends set!) (With requested inscriptions of '1952 AL MVP' and '8x Gold Glover')

and Success #100: Ian Kennedy 3/3 c/o Surprise Rafters of the Arizona Fall League in 130 days! :eek: (All signed beautifully and personalized to me!)

I sure wasn't expecting to see those Kennedy's again so that made for an even more exciting 100th Success! My 1st success was from Sean Casey on 8/8/09 just in case anyone was wondering. :D

Thanks for looking!