Longshot But Does Anyone Have 1976-77 Tallboys? Tradelist Inside


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I bought a collection recently and it had a ton of these. I just finished building 3 different sets of different conditions and I'm a bit short on each. Any help is appreciated. I have a LOT of dupes from this set and would prefer to trade those. I have 5 pretty sharp copies of #57 Bill Walton, a couple #60 Pete Maravich, a couple checklists and much more. I'm happy to trade outside of this set- especially for the Kareem.

I'm looking for NM or better copies of #109 Clifford Ray and #100 Kareem.
Also looking for EM/MT or better copies of the following:
#77 Phil Jackson
#89 Phil Smith
#97 Jim Chones
#100 Kareem
#101 Moses Malone
#122 Dave Meyers
#127 Julius Erving (need 2)
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