Looking for 1968 Baseball stars and commons.these are for trade..

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Have these 1968 Tradelist: 28 gd pinhole, 56 vg, 60 exmt, 79 gd pinhole, 85 G Perry gd pinhole, creases, 117 gd pinhole, 121 gd pinhole, 165 Oliva gd pinhole, 190 vg right side has ding, also a light crease, 229 ex/exmt, 257 P Niekro gd pinhole, creases, 270 gd pinhole, creases, 271 exmt, 388 gd pinhole, creases, 545 gd+ 2 creases near top left center, 570 nrmt, 594 vg/ex
What conditions are you looking for? I have lower condition cards, nothing mint probably would fall somewhere fair to good maybe some better. Plmk.
Ok. My conditions are pretty much all below that.Good luck.Im surre you will find the ones you are looking for.