Looking for 1970 Topps Rose, Mays and Bench


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Trying to complete the 1970 Topps set and need these 3 big cards. Prefer exmt or better.

I have the following i can offer in trade

Nolan Ryan - 1976 Topps, 1977 Topps, 1973 Topps, 1972 Topps and 2 different 1971 Topps

The 1976 and 1977 are very nice. The 1972 is about 70/30 centered and has a couple of touched corners but overall is nice. 1973 is about 85/15 l/r on centering but corners and everything else is nice. The 1971's are typical for that year. Centering top to bottom is 100/0 on one and 80/20 on the other. There are no creases and the corners show some where but overall are good looking cards.