Looking for: 1996 Pinnacle Laserview Inscriptions AUTOs


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Decided to finish off this set and still need a handful.

Please PM me if you have any of the following:

B. Favre
B. Sanders
E. Kramer
J. Elway
S. Young
J. Kelly



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oddly enough , the one that's likely to be the biggest challenge is the kramer....barring a miracle , expect to shell out AT LEAST $150 and quite likely up to 3 bills....

they routinely sell for up to $300 each (mine went for 300 2 years ago) except when a seller makes a HUGE mistake ....two years ago a guy sold one as part of a 2-card lot with a $5 BIN.....even though one had sold for over 350 just days earlier , he didn't even mention the kramer in the auction title so it slipped through....then this october another seller listed one with a $9 opening bid and $12 BIN (with his title noting the BV of 80)......it lasted 38 minutes - which is 37 minutes longer than i would have guessed....

one buyer (same person who bought mine) has been hoarding them forever , buying pretty much every one that pops up on ebay....the highest sale i've actually SEEN is $425.....

recently he started listing them for sale...he's been all over the map with his BIN prices : 1600 , then 650....then came 825 followed by 1421....next up was 1100 and then 1250.....his most recent listing has them at 1500 each....he touts how they are "very rare" ....kinda funny when you see his picture that shows over 100 of them.....

disclaimer - NOT my listing...just posting this for info/humor :

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