Looking For 2001-Present Topps Heritage Chrome Cards

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Aug 15, 2012
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Millinocket, ME
Hey all. Going to embark on ambitious Heritage chrome project of all years (2001-Present). Trading for larger lots if possible to start. I have plenty to move. Need almost everything right now so if you have Heritage Chrome bust them out and trade them to me! I AM ONLY AFTER BASE CHROME (NO REFRACTORS OR UNNUMBERED)

Happy Trading!
Cody - Before I look,do you have any of my needs? I can probably dig out around a dozen or so,including a 2001 Roger Clemens.

I too have about a dozen from 2002-2010, I can list them tonight. Most book in the $3-5 range. Maybe I have some stars or rookies, which are a bit more valuable. Do you have a tradelist I can see?
Hi there! I have these….much appreciated. Looking for cool 90s inserts or refractors any brand pre 2009 in return. Thanks

Jose Bautista
11 Topps Heritage Chrome C107 /1962

Mike Sweeney
2005 Topps Heritage Chrome THC19/1956
I thought Id have more , but most of them are color schemed

2003 Topps Heritage Chrome #THC15 Kazuhisa Ishii #d1854/1954 $3
2004 Topps Heritage Chrome #THC68 Josh Labandeira /1955 $3
2007 Topps Heritage Chrome #THC75 Oakland Athletics TC /1958 $2.50
2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C4 Gary Matthews /1959 $2.50
2008 Topps Heritage Chrome #C17 Ronnie Belliard /1959 $2.50
2009 Topps Heritage Chrome #CHR196 Ryan Spilborghs /1960 $2.50
2020 Topps Heritage Chrome #THC532 Francisco Cervelli $3
2021 Topps Heritage Chrome #123 Matt Chapman /999 $4