Looking for 2014 Winter Olympics Snowboarding cards/relics/autos!


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Looking for 2014 Winter Olympics Snowboarding cards/relics/autos! I am trying to get a few of these for my little cousin. He lives and breathes snowboarding! Birthday is soon!

I mainly want the male snowboarders (you know how 10 year old boys are!:). Eager to trade but might buy for the right price!

If you have any other snowboarding cards, feel free to throw them out there!

Here are the main ones I'm looking for (plus all variations)

41 Chas Guldemond, Snowboarding
46 Nate Holland, Snowboarding
52 Scott Lago, Snowboarding
71 Justin Reiter, Snowboarding
79 Evan Strong, Snowboarding
87 Louie Vito, Snowboarding
92 Seth Wescott, Snowboarding
100 Nick Baumgartner, Snowboarding

52 Scott Lago
79 Evan Strong
87 Louie Vito
92 Seth Wescott - Redemption

Team Patch
USO-ES Evan Strong
USO-SW Seth Wescott
USO-LVI Louie Vito

Sochi Patch
USP-CGU Chas Guldemond
USP-NB Nick Baumgartner
USP-SL Scott Lago

Logo Pin
USP-GU Chas Guldemond
USP-JR Justin Reiter
USP-SL Scott Lago

OR-ES Evan Strong
OR-LVI Louie Vitto

Here are my traders...

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