Looking for Clyde Drexler....

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I have these.

1997-98 Finest Silver #151 Clyde Drexler bv $3.00
1997-98 Topps Chrome Season's Best Refractors #SB10 Clyde Drexler $8.00
1995-96 Finest Hot Stuff #HS3 Clyde Drexler $3.00
1995-96 Ultra Gold Medallion #66 Clyde Drexler $5.00
1994-95 Upper Deck Slam Dunk Stars #S4 Clyde Drexler $5.00

I probably have a bunch of base cards as well.

Do you have any Brad Ziegler cards for trade?

lmk thanks
I can use those Drexlers, but I don't have any Ziegler cards. Please take a look at my freewebs trade page to see if you can use anything else.

Would you trade any of your graded cards in your bucket for those?
I looked over your list again and I can use these.

Mark McGwire
1994 SP -- Die Cut #36 $5.00
1995 Collector's Choice -- Crash the Game Gold #13 $6.00

I also like the graded Bagwell Donruss rc.

lmk thanks
Sorry for the delay in response. The Bagwell books at $30. Do you have any Drexler base that we can even this up, if not, I can use the ones that equal out to the McGwire cards you wanted.

I looked at the Beckett OPG and it lists the Bagwell Gem Mint at $20.

I do have these 2015 Ginter that you need.


total bv $14.55

Would you do those and the Drexlers for the 2 Mcgwires and the Bagwell?

lmk thanks
Dan -- I've decided to hold onto the Bagwell. Sorry for the flip on my decision. I'm still interested in doing a trade. If good, please post.


97-98 Topps Chrome Season's Best Refractors #SB10 $8.00
1995-96 Finest Hot Stuff #HS3 $3.00


94 SP -- Die Cut #36 $5.00
95 Collector's Choice -- Crash the Game Gold #13 $6.00


wicked weasel -- Do you have a list of the Drexler's by year, set and card number? It's hard to determine which I can use without that info.

Any chance you can confirm the trade tonight? I need to mail out in the morning or else I won't be able to for another week. Thanks