Looking for confirmation of existence of Pattern # 49 diffractors from 1998 Topps TEK


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Seeking help in the card collecting world about identifying the existence of any 1998 TOPPS TEK Pattern # 49 Diffractors.

1998 Topps TEK (the first year Topps released the TEK product) is a very popular set with collectors still trying to finish their 90 card favorite player sets. 1998 TEK consists of 90 different patterns of 90 different players or 8100 cards plus the same number in Diffractors (if pattern # 49 exists)

There have been 3-5 collectors who have completed all 8100 cards in the base set but nobody is even close in the 8100 (supposedly) diffractors. After comparing lists of a dozen collectors of over 4,000 Diffractors there does not appear to be a single pattern # 49 diffractor in anyone’s collection. Pattern # 49 does exist in the regular 98 TEKs but we are still looking for confirmation.TTopps customer service has been a waste of time either ignoring numerous requests as to whether Pattern # 49 was even made in the diffractor (or buried in Topps secret vault..lol) or referring inquiries to a couple sites which provide checklists that everyone knows about anyway as if they don’t know anything about their own products. Their lack of cooperation is a bit unnerving for a collector/set builder/supporter of Topps baseball cards for over past 50 years.

So if anyone has a Pattern # 49 diffractor of any of the 90 players please let me know.

Also I have 1998 TEK Want lists that have been emailed to me from around 30 1998 Topps collectors still trying to finish their one 90 card favorite player sets 17 years later. I’m personally still looking for any Pattern # 1 and any Same Card #/Pattern # 98 TEKS (Like card # 1..pattern # 1..card # 2.. pattern # 2… Card # 90…pattern 90 etc etc) plus any common Diffractors. I also am looking for about 30-35 condition upgrade cards for my own Master set.

So if any of you dealers or collectors out there are willing to help some other fellow set builders out please contact me at togatx@aol.com with a list of what you have in 1998 TEKs that might help a few of these long suffering 98 TEK collectors toward their sets.
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