looking for eleven more 2021 cards

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Jun 8, 2021
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Hoping to wrap these sets up
2021 heritage: GO-22, sp 428, sp 457.

2021 DK: sp 136, the CLUB 9, artists palette 4 and 7, art of hitting 4.

2021 bowman prospects: BP #9

*did someone already send me GO-22? I thought so but now I can't find it.

**one more random want: any eddie collins reprint / insert / base from any set EXCEPT 2021 DK.

traders in link in signature.

also need some 2021 bowman BCP and series 2 target juan soto insert set (list in needs link in signature).
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Confirmed and cards will go out tomorrow (USPS person already came by about 9:45 am)....will drop it off at the Third party office tomorrow....as I found fresh glue on the out going mail slot...(someone fishing for the out going mail last night). Best regards, David