Looking for new trade bait. Have 100+ hall of fame autos, psa vintage, nice serial numbers, cash

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Won't be comfortable with $100 on ebay they go between 60 to 95. Thank you for your time.
Wow, if you can find them for that price, I would buy them all! This one is /25.

The last eBay sales week were were:
7/12 - $90 (numbered /50)
7/10 - $150 (numbered /10)

I just pretty much averaged those two to get the $100-150.

No worries at all though, I would not be comfortable paying those prices either, which is why I am okay with moving it.
Actually just bought one on comc due to I was checking ebay sale again for $50 which I know is a steal thanks for your time.
Would you trade it for this:

2009 topps tribute Duke Snider tdar-ds #99 $20
Other than the HOF autos you called out as wanting, is there anything in particular you are looking for in your trade box?