Looking for some advice on Autos

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Mar 25, 2008
Saint Louis
I am thinking about putting together a nice lot of autographed cards for my father in law and then have them framed for him for an xmas present. He is a huge Pittsburgh Pirate and Steeler fan. I am leaning towards putting together a nice lot of 1950-1978 Pirates TTM autos. I already have Vern Law, Elroy Face, Frank Thomas... but could use some ideas about other Pirates to send out to for this project. I would appreciate input or suggestions you may have. Thanks.
I have a quite a few Pirates from the mid-to late-80s, but these guys are pretty good signers from your timeframe:
Steve Blass
Dave Guisti
Jim Morrison
Dave Goggin (he's only card is a 74T on the Braves, he got his 1st ML hit in the same game that Clemente got his 3000th hit.)

For the Steelers, Rocky Bleier is a great signer.
Andy Russell and Dick LeBeau as well.
With a quick look through the 1950-1955 rosters, here are some names of players who are good about signing and are quick to sign:

Wally Westlake
Joe Garagiola - has a signing fee of $5 or $10
Bob Friend
Bobby Del Greco
Ron Necciai
Mike Sandlock
Johnny O'Brien
Eddie O'Brien
Bob Skinner

If you let them know what you are doing, I'm sure that many of them will help you out greatly. I will keep looking through the rosters and let you know who else is good about signing. Good luck and keep us posted.
Here are a few more from the 1956-1960 roster, who are all good about signing:

Bill Virdon
Spook Jacobs
Bennie Daniels
Roman Mejias
Dick Schofield Sr
Al Jackson
Hal Smith
Joe Gibbon
The man who had the best stance in the history of the game...

Richie Hebner