Looking for Young Rays

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5.00 star(s)
Jan 8, 2022
Tampa, FL
Looking for any and all cards of the following players, except as noted. PWE is acceptable too. PLMK what you have. Thanks. Chris

Kyle Manzardo
Isaac Paredes
Mason Montgomery
Curtis Mead (Good on Bowman and Bowman Chrome Base)
Taj Bradley

Also Colton Cowser (BAL) (Good on Bowman and Bowman Chrome Base)
Sal Frelick (MIL) (Good on Bowman and Bowman Chrome Base)
Brice Turang (MIL)
Clayton Beeter (LAD/NYY)
Malcom Nunez (STL)
Tink Hence (STL)
Mick Abel (PHI)
Andrew Painter (PHI)
Jackson Jobe (DET)
Gavin Williams (CLE)
Brennen Davis (CHC)

Trea Turner Rookies and numbered cards
Juan Soto Rookies and numbered cards
Have these of the players you listed:

2016Bowman130Trea TurnerWashington NationalsRC
2016DonrussThe RookiesTR3Trea TurnerWashington NationalsRC
2020Topps Big LeagueRainbow Foil246Rhys Hoskins / Yasmani Grandal / Juan SotoPhiladelphia Phillies / Milwaukee Brewers / Washington Nationals/100
2021Diamond Kings43Isaac ParedesDetroit TigersRC
2021MosaicBlue Reactive Prizm224Isaac ParedesDetroit TigersRC

LMK if you need any and I can look through your trade list. If you have bvs that would be helpful
$6, $8, $25, $2.50 and I'm not sure of the last card. I like the first four, not sure on the card numbered to 100 though, it is a nice card though. Please look on my list and send me a PM if you are looking for anyone particular. Thanks. Chris
Hi there! I have these two...

Isaac Paredes
21 Topps RC 65
21 Topps Heritage RC 648

Still would love to trade for these... much appreciated thanks Bri

HARPER, BRYCE2021 Topps '52 Topps Redux Chrome #TC5221 Bryce Harper$5.00
HARPER, BRYCE2022 Topps '87 Topps Silver Pack Chrome #T87C71 Bryce Harper$5.00
I like these cards.
2020 Topps Chrome Sepia Refractors #102 Alex Bregman $3
2021 Topps #408 Shane McClanahan RC $2
2021 Topps Chrome Update #USC85 Shane McClanahan RD $2
2021 Topps Chrome Update #USC85 Shane McClanahan RD $2
2011 Topps Update Cognac Diamond Anniversary #US200 Vladimir Guerrero $4
2022 Topps #367 MVP Meets Rookie/Wander Franco/Bryce Harper $4
2021 Topps Heritage #648 Isaac Paredes RC $2
2021 Topps #65 Isaac Paredes RC $1.50

I have these Harpers.
2011 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper Retail Exclusive #BCE1R Bryce Harper Red$10.0014-Oct-22
2018 Topps Update An International Affair #IA40 Bryce Harper$2.0021-Sep-22
2019 Topps 150 Years of Professional Baseball #15068 Bryce Harper$2.0021-Jun-22
2020 Topps On Demand Summer Blockbuster #13 Bryce HarperN/A02-Nov-22
2021 Diamond Kings Gallery of Stars #11 Bryce Harper$5.0012-Oct-22
2021 Panini Contenders Winning Tickets #6 Bryce Harper$2.5012-Oct-22
2021 Panini Phoenix Purple Velocity #10 Bryce Harper$3.0014-Oct-22
2021 Panini Prizm Star Gazing #11 Bryce Harper$2.5021-Jun-22
2021 Topps '52 Topps Redux Chrome #TC5221 Bryce Harper$8.002-Nov-22
2021 Topps '65 Topps Redux #T6537 Bryce Harper$2.5021-Sep-22
2021 Topps Gallery Rainbow Foil #167 Bryce Harper$4.0014-Oct-22
2021 Topps Now MLB Network Top 100 #T22 Bryce HarperN/A13-Sep-22
2022 Diamond Kings Artist's Palette #5 Bryce Harper$2.5012-Oct-22
2022 Topps '87 Topps Silver Pack Chrome #T87C71 Bryce Harper$8.002-Nov-22
2022 Topps Stars of MLB Chrome #SMLBC15 Bryce Harper$5.0015-Sep-22
2022 Topps Throwback Thursday Incredible Hulk #NNO Bryce HarperN/A20-Oct-22
Your needs are 20.50..ill take these! Much appreciated thanks Bri

2021 Topps '52 Topps Redux Chrome #TC5221 Bryce Harper$8.00
2022 Topps '87 Topps Silver Pack Chrome #T87C71 Bryce Harper$8.00
2022 Topps Stars of MLB Chrome #SMLBC15 Bryce Harper$5.00
Millo67, I'll check your tradelist. I'm pretty good on him right now, unless its something not common. I'll PM after work. Chris