Looking to trade these as a lot

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5.00 star(s)
Looking for a variety of cards in all sports and nonsports..

90-91 score 398 m sundin 3
2007-08 black diamond gemography g-sw s weiss AUTO
2005-06 spx 134 j balastik GU 1814/1999
2005-06 spx 19 j sakic
2005-06 parkhurst 609 b walter
2005-06 parkhurst 607 m jurcina
2005-06 parkhurst 616 seabrook
2005-06 parkhurst 174 Schneider 051/100 auto parallel
2005-06 ud ice 169 c hemingway rc 0928/2999
1996 ud gretzky's record collection g15 gretzky
1994 donruss special edition U Hull x/20000
1997 ud hallmark hk1 w gretzky rangers

If interested, LMK where your tradelist is.