Loons v. Tin Cans ---> Walk off WIN in 11!


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Good stuff coming back ONCE, TWICE, THREE, FOUR times to win this game 1! Here's the goods...

Ethan Martin 2/2
Dee Gordon 1/1
Jaime Pedroza 2/2 (birthday boy!)
Jordan Pratt 2/2
Geison Aguasviva 2/2
Steve Smith 2/2
Esteban Lopez 2/2
Danny Darwin 2/2
Jon Dutton 2/2
Lou E. Loon 2/2

If anybody is interested in trading, I'm looking to move the 2nd team set I bought for some new additions. Would include 10 signed cards and 27 unsigned. Contact me if interested.

<--- ignore, just so scan would show up:p

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