lot of 4 off-grade hockey autographs for sale....now just $3.00 dlvd


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over the years i've accumulated quite a few damaged items either from ebay purchases or trades made on beckett or the bench.....i throw away the worst of them and usually sell the rest off in bulk to a few local collectors or on ebay in my scratch-and-dent store categories....now that i'm running out of time to find a new home and in desperate need of funds in a hurry , i don't really have time to get everything together for ebay so figured i'd try to get rid of some of them here...i'll be posting a scratch-and-dent sale in four different sports (baseball , basketball , football , and hockey) ......the type and degree of damage varies from card to card .....most of the damage is to either the edges or corners though some may have creases/surface wrinkles......cards will be listed in lots with prices posted ....would like to move them in lots , but if anyone wants to build their own lots let me know which items interest you....also if anyone is interested in taking EVERYTHING , please feel free to let me know and i'll see what kind of bulk deal i can put together for you....

for hockey , i have one simple lot ....

4 certified autographs - 2 have corner damage , 2 have edge damage - hi column bv = 23....$ 4 dlvd
1995 classic five sport chris kenady 103/225
1994-95 be a player 93 shawn burr
1994-95 be a player 157 mike eagles
1994-95 be a player 178 sergio momesso
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