LOTS of new stuff (pix)


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got a nice surprise return from Coach K, and the picture is below. However i bought a bunch of frames have started to hang a couple of my photos i have collected on my wall, sense i have binders and top loaders full of photos and wanted to know what you guys thought. i have a pujols wall as well but ill post pictures only if enough people wants to see it. from left to right...

joe mauer 11x14
hanley ramirez 11x14
pujols/molitor 11x14
andre dawson 11x14
arod 11x14
chipper jones 11x14
pedro martinez 16x20
dennis eckersly 11x14
ivan rodriguez 11x14
barry larkin 8x10
ryan howard 8x10
hanley ramirez 8x10
albert pujols 8x10
derek jeter 8x10
joe mauer 8x10
bob feller 8x10
chipper jones 8x10
josh beckett 8x10