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4.90 star(s)
Mar 23, 2004
Had Louisville and Toledo in during the Bench's downtime. Did pretty well with Louisville, especially with the tough bunch of guys they have.

Rick Sweet 4/4 for CW
Aroldis Chapman 1/2, 1/1 on WBC card and 2010 Bowman rc...actually pitched really well. Signed as he walked after both games doing at most 5 out of the 15 or so that were there
Jesus Delgado 1/1
Carlos Fisher 1/1
Chad Reineke 1/1
Phillipe Valiquette 1/1
Devin Mesoracco 4/4-great kid, hope he pans out
Todd Frazier 1/1
Wladimir Balentin 1/1

Larry Parrish 4/4 for CW
Leon Durham 1/1 for CW
Charlie Furbush 2/2
Ramon Garcia 2/2
Fu-Te Ni 2/2
Andy Oliver 0/1-when I asked as he walked out the clubhouse, he took off running towards the hotel
Justin Henry 1/1

Mike Ditka signed 2/2 cards c/o ESPN
Sandy Alomar Jr. signed 1 card finishing up the 89 Fleer Like Father--Like Sons with Robbie Alomar
congrats, Justin Henry was always really nice when he was here with the Whitecaps, never did get Furbush on my 07 Team Pennant but then again he was hurt literally the whole year and was never even in West Michigan even though he was on the roster the whole season
awesome and a very big thank you...ill send you a pm later on.

take it easy Ryan