Lower grade ft

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5.00 star(s)
Will trade much in your favor for higher grade cards.

1954 Topps
15 Rosen very miscut
21 Shantz writing on front
25 Kuenn Rc writing on back, crease
35 Gilliam writing on back
36 Wilhelm creased, surface dings, writing on back
47 Kinder writing on front
105 Carey writing on back
112 Renna writing on back
117 Hemus writing on back
115 Repulski writing on front
123 Adams rounded corners, creases
229 Talbot rounded corners, writing on back

1954 bowman 95 Roberts creases, corner wear

1957 topps
25 Ford corner wear, crease
339 Speake writing on front
343 Phillips writing on front

1958 topps
100 Wynn corner wear, crease
314 Snider/Alston oc, crease

1959 Topps
23 Dickson writing on back
34 Kaline/Maxwell writing on front
338 Anderson RC crease, pinhole, surface scuff
352 Roberts oc, puncture mark, small tear on edge
355 Piersall creases
378 Harris surface wear, creases
390 Cepeda writing on back
390 Cepeda rounded corners, surface wear
419 Braves marked
421 Wehmeier writing on back
422 Landrith writing on back
464 Mays Thrills crease

1960 topps 264 Roberts miscut