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LTTF a few RC's


5.00 star(s)
Looking to trade for these players true RC's. Not interested in insert RC's. I am also open to trading for other players as well, RC refractors also. Will also consider buying between 20-25% BV for bulk RC lots. Thx Jim
1970-1979 Any star RC

1980 R. Henderson

1982 Ripken

1983 Sandberg, Boggs, Gwynn,

1984 Mattingly

1985 Puckett

1987 Fleer Larkin

1988 Score Rookie /traded Alomar

1992 M. Rivera, Piazza

1995 V. Guerrero

2000 Miquel Cabrera

2001 Pujols, Ichiro, Utley

2002 Votto (Bowman Chrome Draft), Mauer, Wright

2003 Cano, R. Howard

2004 Y. Molina

2005 Tulowitzki, Kinsler

2006 Verlander

2007 Tulowitzki

2008 Votto, Kershaw, Scherzer

2010 Posey

2011 Trout, Goldschmidt, Altuve, J.D. Martinez, D. J. LeMahieu

2012 Harper

2013 Machado, Arenado, Yelich, Rendon

2014 Springer, Bogaerts, Betts

2015 Lindor, Correa, Bryant, Syndergard, Baez

2016 G.Sanchez, G. Torres

2017 Judge, Bellinger, Acuna

2018 Devers, Ohtani, Acuna, Soto, Buehler, G. Torres

2019 Alonso, Tatis, Guerrero Jr., E. Jimenez, Senzel

2020 Lux, Bichette, Alvarez, Hoerner, L.Robert, Franco, A. Riley