Lucky number 7.....


5.00 star(s)
that's the amount of envelopes my nephew had today....some were better than others but they at least signed something...

Curtis Granderson 1/2 sent back the cards and included the new Yankees postcard pic. Had a feeling he would do that so I sent a larger return envelope-- at least it came back not folded in half like he's known to do with smaller envelopes...

Charlie Hough 7/7
Drew Stubbs 2/2
Ramon Vazquez 3/3 one smudged
Kei Igawa 2/3 kept one
Michael Cuddyer 1/2 sent to MN last yr came back from ST
Billy Buckner 2/2 personalized

thanks for reading!!!hope to get some stuff signed at UTA/TCU tomorrow night if the rain subsides...