Made my goal for the year...

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Nov 3, 2007
Hidden Valley Lake, Ca
today via trade from Yankeesfan428 puts me at 301 different A's autos total. My goal was to have 300 by the end of the year.

Got in:
Mark Ellis
Daric Barton
Jack Hannahan
Ryan Sweeney

Thanks Daniel Look forward to making trades in the future
- Chris
Congrats on reaching your goal, now how many do you want to have in your collection by the end of 2010?


Being that I have most of the "easy" ones to get I would be happy with another 75 that I don't have for the next year. Ideally I will hit the 400 mark.

- Chris
Nice job in reaching your year end goal! Can't remember what my year end goal was, but I am sure I didn't reach it. Must focus..... :D :D :D
Happy New Year. Congrats on the milestone. Hope to work with you this upcoming season on the next milestone for you and for me.