Mail week 8/19 and 8/21

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Apr 3, 2007
Rowlett, TX
A couple of set hits this week, I'll save the "better" for last.

Today 8/21 I got 2/2 signed by Jaime Navarro c/o High Desert Mavericks. 92TP and 92UD in about 5 months.

Wednesday 8/19 I got 4/4 signed by Dave Henderson in 10 days or so. Not sure if the address was his home or charity. Anyway, I sent a donation and got sigs on 91 and 92 UD and two 92 TP cards. He has a base card in the set, and an Awesome Action which I had reported a couple weeks ago as signed by Jerry Browne.

So, I have my first dual TTM! I already posted it in the multiple-TTM thread in the Discussion area, so sorry for kinda cheating but I was excited. Thanks for the read.