Making a trade list


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I need some advice about making a trade list. I have started to put together a list of cards available for trade and am seeking opinions. My idea is to have everything put into Beckett organize and then copy that into excel and add more collums. I will be doing this in boxes of 150 so as to be able to have an easier handle on where things are. Each box will be a 200 ct cardboard box stored in a 5000 ct shoe box. The shoe box will be box A and the 200 cts will be A1, A2, ect.

In Beckett I list A1 and add the 150 cards in penny sleeves with an inventory number sheet inserted along with the card #ed 001-150 to Organize to get the info they have, mainly BV to use for trades along with Brand, Set, Subset, #, Name, Attribute (RC, Auto, #ed, Die Cut, ect) and why does Beckett not list teams? (Sorry, rant for another day). I then copy into excel where I add location and inventory number and team plus anny notes that need to be inserted such as condition on older cards.

This is where I need help. Where would I go about publishing an Excel spreadsheet that is sortable for the user but will not change the original file. And to make it more complicated being able to link so that any changes I mke to the original will automaticly update on the published spreadsheet.

Am I crazy? Is there an easier way? Will this be the end for Gothem City? Any help or comments will be appriciated.


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I am in the same boat as you.
I dont know how to make an excel sheet or a WWW link.
I have my trade cards in albums by Brand and year for example Bowman is in book 1, 2 &3, donruss is in book 4 ect.
This way when looking for a card I can scan 9 cards at a time for easy locating and at the end of the month I add cards to replace them or take out the empty pages.


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Do you seriously want to keep your lists in three different places? I have mine in one and can't keep it in synch!

While a nice, sortable DB of cards is nice, I find that the easiest solution is to get your list published on the web using understandable text so that anyone with two fingers can type press the control key and the F key and find whatever type of card he or she might be looking for.