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Mansfield Ohio Show July 18 2020


5.00 star(s)
All are invited to attend the first show in the Mid-Ohio area of Mansfield Ohio in a number of years.
Free parking, free admission, Door prize at 2 pm. 30-40 tables of great sports related items.
Held at Mansfield Liederkanz Hall - 1212 Silver Lane(West of Arlin Field), Mansfield, Ohio

Hope to see you there.


5.00 star(s)
Please keep us informed of more shows in Mansfield. I am sorry I missed this one as it would be local for me.

My guess is masks were not required if the show was on the 18th. Ohio didn't completely go off the rails until Dewine made it mandatory on the 23rd. He allows rioting in city streets and turns around and does this.:confused: