mantle checklist

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Dec 18, 2020
looking to sell these two mantle checklists. make an offer plus postage. thanks (sorry about the upside down ones)


  • mickey maantle check list.jpg
    mickey maantle check list.jpg
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  • mickey mantle check list.jpg
    mickey mantle check list.jpg
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You might have better luck if you list your price. Some may be afraid to offend you with a lowball offer. It takes out all the guesswork. For example, there are some pretty nice ones currently on the bay for 10 bucks each. Some higher and some lower. Id personally be interested in the one on the left but im not shooting out an offer. You tell me what you want for it. Dave
I am same as prosefan. I would potentially take the one on the right if he wants the one on the left, but I am not really going to throw out an offer for a readily available card. These routinely sell for $6-7, but that one is pretty off center, so it would just fill a hole for me until I can find a centered copy.

If you let me know what you would want for the off center one, maybe we can work something out.