Marketside pizza cards needed u/d 5/11

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Finally to trade 34 and 50

I need these

#'s 4,5,7,8,9,13,14,17,22,26,28,30,33,37,38,39,46,49

I don't have any extras to trade myself right now but if you need some other 16 topps insert let me know.

Thanks Stanley
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Hey Stanley, I did not pick up any of the Marketside cards but if you come across any extra Mets from the set from other traders, would you please send the traders my way or pick them up for me. I couldn't get into your want lists but if I remember correctly, I could help your lists in return.
I have not had any luck with my threads asking for these probably because I have none to trade.
Any help on those is appreciated. Thanks. Mike