Marlins FanFest (lots of scans)


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This was my first time going and was a little disappointed when Andre Dawson & Tony Perez weren't there. Overall I had a good time and got a bunch of autos.

Here is my haul.

Then I got this of some guy named Hanley Ramirez. Is he any good?:D

Here's a pic of me and Josh Johnson hanging in the dugout.


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ok thanks a lot i have a jau bruce rookie card that i tried to get and auto on and it just came right off. same thing with chris denorfia


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Sweet stuff man. Wish I stayed to get Hanley! :( Awesome that you got a pic with JJ. I saw on the bench in dugout but didn't take a picture with my camera.. too bad it was only a one day thing. All in all a good time though!