Me thinks this is a zero for shipping

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Nov 16, 2002
Las Vegas
Card is still inside (no tape on top load). addy is not blurred as no reason to protect the stupid. From a seller who just lost his 2448 feedback with no negatives.

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It's a Magic/Wizards 09/10 SP GU Four on Four 8 pc gu #10/65 which is now creased in 4 spots

Heres the ebay shipping detail
$2.00US Postal Service Priority Mail

item # is 270554999343

here is the top loader
Sorry it happened, but it happens too frequently...people never think about the person receiving the card.
For $2 I would expect a padded envelope. Negative w/o question.

The grade isn't always about the end result, but of the process. If a guy ships like that all the time and gets lucky (no loss or damage most of the time), he still needs improvement in that department, regardless of whether or not the item YOU bought got damaged. People tend to be lenient if the seller makes it right, which is fine I guess. However, the next item that gets damaged might not be replaceable and the seller may eventually figure it's not his problem and change his tune.

Nope, do it right or pay the price! It's just not that hard to do. Lazy, cheap, whatever the reason, these below average shippers need to correct their problems!
Had a smiliar problem with another eBay seller......Luckly the guy insured the card and I got a refund from the was 2008 ud heroes carcoal auto/patch serial #25 of Ken Griffey Jr. was for my contests and the plastic loader was crushed and it damaged the card.... Mailed in a bubble envelope with a deliver confirmation on it....However, he forgot to write.....DO NOT BEND or NO it was run thru the machine and it was crushed......Only 24 now!! Best regards, David
Got crushed in the machine.....did not write "DO NOT BEND" or "NO MACHINE"...Pwe...Best regards, David

That doesn't always matter. It can skip the sorter in one plant but then get run through at others. Best to be better safe than sorry.

I think a 0 is the same as no rating. Leave a 1.
$2 would've been good enough to do bubble mail and have some change to spare. Poor ebay seller.

I do do pwe trades in small trades, but one should write "do not bend" on it so they don't machine it.