Met Count: 499!

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Up to 499 Mets now! Some stats, from Abel to Zachry:

1962 Mets: 15 (Anderson, Bouchee, Cannizzaro, Cisco, Craig, DeMerit, Herrscher, Hickman, Hook, Hunter, Jackson, Kranepool, MacKenzie, Pignatano, Thomas)
1969 Mets: 23 (Agee, Boswell, Charles, DiLauro, Dyer, Garrett, Gaspar, Grote, Harrelson, Heise, Jackson, Jones, Koosman, Kranepool, Martin, McGraw, Pfeil, Ryan, Seaver, Shamsky, Swoboda, Taylor, Weis)
1986 Mets: 41 (Aguilera, Anderson, Backman, Berenyi, Carter, Cashen, Corcoran, Darling, Dykstra, Elster, Fernandez, Foster, Gibbons, Gooden, Harrelson, Hearn, Heep, Hernandez, Horwitz, Davey Johnson, HoJo, Kiner, Knight, Leach, Lyons, Magadan, Mazzilli, McDowell, McIlvaine, Mitchell, Niemann, Ojeda, Orosco, Pavlick, Bill Robinson, Santana, Sisk, Stottlemyre, Straw, Teufel, Mookie)
Non-Met Mets: 13 (Matthew Broderick, the late Brian Cole, Ralph Kiner, Gary Cohen, Tim McCarver, minor leaguers Yusmeiro Petit, Nick Abel, & Curtis Pride, WFAN's Steve Somers and Ed Coleman, Gov. David Paterson, Jay Horwitz, 1986 WS Broadcaster Vin Scully)
Not Yet Mets: 7 (Ike Davis, Scott Moviel, Shawn Bowman, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Dillon Gee, Brad Holt, Ruben Tejada)
Non-players: 14 (Davey, Oberkfell, Robinson, Stottlemyre, Frazier, Herzog, Howard, Manuel, Cashen, Perlozzo, Baylor, Hough, Pavlick, McIlvaine)
Incoming: 6 (H Bell, Broadway, Buchanan, Cora, Strange, Wheeler)
Gone: 8 (Agee, Cole, McGraw, Milner, Bill Robinson, Dock Ellis, Sturdivant, Spahn)
Longest Alphabetical Run: 13 (Rusch-Rusteck-Ryan-Saberhagen-Sadecki-Sambito-Samuel x2-Sanchez x2-Sanders-Santana x2)
Largest Alphabetical Gap: 6 (Sandy Alomar to Luis Alvarado, Kevin Brown to Damon Buford, Clem Labine to Frank Lary)
Alomars: 1/3 (Roberto)
Andersons: 4/4 (Craig, Marlon, Rick, Jason)
Bells: 1/4 (Jay)
Castillos: 1/4 (Luis)
Clarks: 3/3 (Brady, Mark, Tony)
Ernandezes: 4/9 (Keith H, Sid F, Anderson H, Livan H)
Francos: 3/3 (John, Matt, Julio)
Green(e)s: 2/6 (Andy, Dallas)
Jacksons: 2/3 (Al, Darrin)
Johnsons: 5/7 (Ben, Davey, HoJo, Lance, Mark)
Joneses: 4/8 (Bobby, Chris, Cleon, Randy)
Marshalls: 2/4 (Dave, Mike the outfielder)
Martinezes: 2/5 (Fernando, Pedro the younger)
Millers: 2/5 (Dyar, Keith)
Murrays: 1/3 (Eddie)
Perezes: 3/3 (Oliver, Timo, Yorkis)
Phillips: 1/4 (Jason)
Reeds: 4/4 (Darren, Jeremy, Rick, Steve)
Smiths: 3/5 (Joe, Dick, Pete)
Taylors: 2/5 (Chuck, Ron)
Valent(in)(e)s: 5/5 (Eric Valent, Jose Valentin, John Valentin, Ellis Valentine, Bobby V)
Walkers: 1/3 (Tyler)
Wilsons: 4/5 (Mookie, Paul, Preston, Vance)

Living CPF Top 100 Mets I'm missing: 52 Gentry, 57 McAndrew, 64 Hunt, 65 Fisher, 68 Myers, 69 Lynch, 81 Viola, 86 Falcone, 92 Flynn, 98 Zeile
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I sent to Carr in March, so I could possibly still get him back, but I picked up a 96 Leaf Sig for the collection.


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Becker, Borland, Nunnally, and Valera (again, all on 96 Leaf Signature cards) in this weekend, and the callup of Andy Green moves him out of the box and into the binder for #413.
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