Mets autograph needs (any uniform)

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Jan 27, 2006
Rochester, NY
Figured it was time to reboot this thread with a new year. Some of these guys all have certified autos out there, so maybe I can knock a few off my list. If a set is listed, it just means that's one example. "Various" means a guy has a bunch. Not looking for anything high end on the low-end names.

Dario Alvarez
Billy Baldwin (d. 2011)
Tyler Bashlor
Gus Bell (d. 1995)
Mike Bishop (d. 2005)
Ken Boyer (d. 1982)
Mark Bradley
Elio Chacon (d. 1992)
Kelvin Chapman
Rich Chiles
Alex Claudio
Sam Coonrod (various)
Scott Copeland
Yennsy Diaz
Nino Espinosa (d. 1987)
Francisco Estrada (d. 2019)
Nate Fisher
Joe Foy (d. 1989)
Danny Frisella (d. 1977)
Gonzalez Germen
Geremi Gonzalez (d. 2008)
Bill Graham (d. 2006)
Connor Grey
Don Hahn
Eric Hanhold
Geoff Hartlieb
Elieser Hernandez
Joe Hietpas
Gil Hodges (d. 1972)
Colin Holderman
Mike Howard
Ryota Igarashi
Ender Inciarte (various)
Roy Lee Jackson
Sherman Jones (d. 2007)
Ricardo Jordan
Kevin Kaczmarski
Takashi Kashiwada
Cal Koonce (d. 1993)
Dominic Leone
Dave Liddell
Cory Lidle (d. 2006)
Kevin Lomon
Mike G. Marshall (d. 2021)
Jerry May (d. 1996)
Chris Mazza
Bob L. Miller (d. 1993)
Herb Moford (d. 2005)
Bryce Montes de Oca
Tommy Moore (d. 2017)
Bob Moorhead (d. 1986)
José Moreno (d. 2019)
Kevin Morgan
Zach Muckenhirn
Billy Murphy
Omar Narvaez (2022 Panini)
Michael Perez (various)
Tim Peterson
Grover Powell (d. 1985)
Jose Quintana (2014 Gypsy Queen)
Brooks Raley (various)
Elvin Ramirez
Bob Rauch
Denyi Reyes
Jacob Rhame
Stephen Ridings (various)
David Robertson (2008 Tristar)
Joely Rodriguez
Kenny Rogers
Doug Saunders
Max Scherzer (various)
Al Schmelz
Kodai Senga (various)
Tsuyoshi Shinjo (2001 Elite?)
Charley Smith (d. 1994)
Dick Stuart (d. 2002)
Bill Sudakis (d. 2021)
Stephen Tarpley (2019 Stadium Club?)
Carlos Torres
Edwin Uceta (various)
Justin Verlander (various)
Mark Vientos (various)
Josh Walker
Jimmy Yacabonis
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