Mexican proxy/deputy bidding service?

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Apr 13, 2007
I'm familiar with services that help you shop on Japanese sites and auctions ( is my favorite, so far), but I've not seen anything similar for shopping on Spanish language sites. I've found a listing on MercadoLibre for either a set or just a lot of Mexican baseball cards, but I was hoping there was a similar service I could use.

I've been trying to track down some of these cards since seeing an article about them on a Mexican news site while researching Hensley Meulens playing time there, but could never find any evidence that the set was ever actually released.

Does anyone know of such a service? I guess in this case, I'm specifically looking for a Mexican proxy service. I can find plenty of sites that do this for shopping in Japan, but none for anywhere else.
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Since I recently found another set of Mexican League cards exists, these from 1992, I figured I'd bump this back up to the top.