Michael Phelps :(

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Dec 16, 2007
Grand Rapids
Got a letter back today addressed in my handwriting with a return address of Phelps written on it. Got all excited til I ripped it up with basically a Michael's to busy to sign note, but he does sign for charities and a link to the part on his website where I could apply for this. Pretty sure my collection won't count as a charitable cause so oh well. Just wish they would've sent it back RTS or something so I'd atleast have my SASE back. They just had to write a return address on it to mess with me I guess, what do they care if they get back my 1 unsigned A&G card with a note. Worst part is I wrote out a long letter in hopes that might help me out, guess next time I should just send a **** or some rolling papers, maybe that'd get my card signed lol
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I have seen some people guy him back TTM, bummer. Tell him you need it signed for a charity to benefit children with 12 toes in Jamaica.
So did I, thats when I sent it out but that was about 2.5 months ago I sent it. Lol I won't lie and make up a fake charity, even then still probably come back unsigned with my luck.
sorry to hear that....I did have success with him, took well over a year.
I sent to the North Baltimore Aquatic Club - You may want to try there, not sure where you sent to.

Good luck
almost positive i sent to the club then I got my return from the PO Box addy, atleast thats the return address they wrote on it