Mike Piazza card

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Feb 10, 2007
Carrollton, OH
I have a 1996 Topps card of Mike Piazza. It is the exact same as the base card #246 except it has a stamp on the front that says 36 seasons Dodger Stadium. Does anybody know what year this was put out and what set it goes to? If so please let me know.


I just looked at 1996 Topps cards for Mike Piazza over at the Trading Card Database and it looks like it might be called a "Topps Team Topps aand the card is numbered D246. Unfortunately there is no picture or additional information on the card or I would provide the link to it.

From what I can see this card is not part of a set as TCDB provided no set checklist with this card as they do all the others. And because there is no picture of the card I wonder if it is just designated with the D prefix so as to differentiate it from the regular issue Topps card.

I know that is not much help but it is a start. I'd look on EBAY to see if the card is for sale/auction over there. I have a feeling this was a one time promo card.
and from beckett.....


note the note on the dodgers in the following paragraph

Parallel cards from nine selected teams were issued by Topps in 1996 and distributed in team set form to commemorate their superior performances in 1995. The team sets were issued with the "Big Topps cards" in special packaging for retail stores. Each team set carried an SRP of $4.99. Please note, alphabetical prefixes have been added to the card numbers below for easier checklisting purposes. The actual cards do not carry these prefixes. The Cubs, Orioles, Rangers, White Sox and Yankees cards carry a "Team Topps" logo on each card front. The four other teams carry logos on the card fronts as follows: Braves - "World Champions", Dodgers - "35 Seasons", Indians - "1995 American League Champions" and Mariners - "1995 AL West Champions". It's interesting to note that a parallel version of star first basemen Sean Casey's Rookie Card was included within the Indians team set.