Million Dollard Card ......Problem

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Oct 3, 2002
95 Cromwell Drive, Depew, NY 14043
Yesterday morning i registered and tried to enter my 8 codes for the Million Card Givaway. I enterd the first 5 with no problems. However, my last three codes gave this response:
Invalid Code:
Sorry, this code has already been used.

Now, I know the codes must be valid because i got them in wax packs
from Target and until yesterday morning, I never attempted to enter them in the promotion. The codes were entered correctly. I wonder if there are duplicate codes. I sent an e-mail to Topps yesterday but will be shocked to get a response from them.

This morning I managed to enter one additional code with no problem.
I had that problem with one of my codes, but was able to enter it later in the day. Figured it had to do with the traffic on the site.