Milo sent me! Met Collector Mike N.


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Hi everyone. My name is Mike Napoleon and I am a Met Collector. Milo Grummons turned me on to "The Bench".
I had collected since I was a kid and had complete sets back to 1960 and a 1951 Blue Back set until I sold all my cards (except my beloved Mets) to go to college in 1984. I have All Mets prior to 1986 and just got back into collecting this past November trying to fill in the Mets I need from 1986 until now. I bought large lots off of Ebay and joined Trading Bases Traders Club and have since collected about 8000 Mets cards since 1986. My Mets wantlists are here:
If there is a set I particularly like, I will try to collect a complete set of those cards. This is the case with the T206 from 2009 and Topps Heritage from 2010. Those wantlists:

I don't have much prior to 2009 to trade (a few A&G's and Topps from 08). I do have extra Mets from ALL years if you need a few. I will trade my 2009-2010 base, GU'd and inserts that I pickup while buying packs for the Mets cards on my wantlist.

I hope to do some trading. I currently have many 2010 Heritage base/chrome/inserts and 2010 Topps of the same to trade if anyone is interested. Thanks, Mike