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I have a ton of minis sorted from all years of Ginter, Gypsy Queen, Goodwin, and other sets that I have put together. The bulk of them are base minis and inserts, but will have extra blacks and AG backs, etc. that will be available as well.

Just post lists here. Will do players and teams as well, but those will take more time as there are over 8000 minis here. Don't have a ton of the rarer ones from Ginter, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

The only thing I am looking for in trade currently is rarer Jordan Zimmermann stuff and 2014 heritage reds ! Blues, purples, and chromes.

Need these 2014 heritage:
Purple Chrome
73 Francisco Liriano
148 Freddie Freeman
200 Jason Heyward
269 Albert Pujols
345 Jose Bautista
434 Pedro Alvarez
458 Anthony Rizzo
464 Joe Mauer

426 Yasiel Puig
434 Pedro Alvarez
447 Dustin Pedroia

About half of the reds and blues.


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Do you have these:

2010 A&G World's Biggest
WB9 Tropical Rain Forest (The Amazon)
WB13 Country (Russia)

Send me a PM if you do.
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